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I failed more times in a year than I had in my entire adult life. But I learned from those failures.

I went into my first startup thinking exactly what every other founder thinks:

“This is the best idea anyone has ever had. There’s no way we can fail.”

After less than a year working full-time with my co-founder on the business, it seems that I was wrong. We did fail…

How they differ and which is best for your company

Does it often seem that these two terms — startup vs. small business — are used interchangeably?

As an entrepreneur, knowing how they differ helps you decide what type of company you really want to be running.

In this article, I’ll discuss the differences between startups and small businesses in…

Learn about the different environments, levels of risk, and potential upsides

Does the thrill of entrepreneurship mixed with the safety of a corporate job sound like the perfect combo?

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike drive innovation, but they do it in very different environments.

In this article, I’ll break down the similarities and differences between these paths and help you determine which…

Proving your impact when changing careers, industries, or fields

Do You Need Transferrable Skills for Your Resume?

There was a time when I shied away from giving resume advice. It felt like those ideas should come from an HR professional or someone with decades of experience. I still think you should seek out advice from such sources.

However, my experience has given me a chance to read…

Zak Kann

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