I Was Rejected from College; Now I Have A PhD

How I opened the firmly closed door to my education

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Who wrote your transcript?

More importantly, were they as naive as the person that wrote mine?

In case you aren’t familiar with unschooling, it’s like school without the structure or set curriculum.

Again, mixed feelings. And again, saving those for a later post.

The open house

I hadn’t heard back by the time the open house rolled around, so I drove up the coast to go check the place out.

I did what anyone in too much shock to process the situation would do — I continued to attend the open house.

The first thing up on the agenda was an optional introduction to the honors program. It was either check out the honors program I couldn’t be part of or hang out with the people that wouldn’t be my fellow students that fall, so I chose the former.

Enter Chuck

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The mathematical rigor of my trigonometry and geometry knowledge left much to be desired, but I was thoroughly prepared for the ACT.

I explained all of this to Chuck as well as informing him of the college algebra course I had since taken. He responded by picking up his supplies and ushering me out the door toward the admission booths.

About that subtitle…

Yes, I didn’t actually play the central role in opening the door. That honor is shared by lady luck and a man named Chuck Paulson.

  1. Heroism takes many forms. Some heroes slay dragons, others just convince a Dean to bend the rules. I hope that Chuck realizes that he rose to the rank of hero that day.

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