I’m Glad I Left My 6-Figure Corporate Job

I needed real ownership and an environment that fostered productivity and creativity

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Schoolhouse blues

Onward and upward

Now those imminent endings were gone. I had a career. And careers don’t end until you retire or die.

Requirement #1: I need ownership

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There had to be a better way. I didn’t want these cookie-cutter projects, so I started to make my own.

In the corporate world, ownership was this. I was in charge of a handful of slats on one of several wooden bridges crossing a ravine. I was useless if the other slats on my bridge failed. And even if they didn’t, my bridge was still wholly redundant, and I was readily replaceable.

Requirement #2: I need to be productive, not busy

But there were still times when there was not a productive way to spend those waiting hours. If I was at home, this would be the time that I would relax with a video game or a movie. But I was at work, and I felt like I had to appear busy.

Requirement #3: I need to be creative, and that can’t be scheduled

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I could never be better than them, but I could be different. I could approach problems in unconventional ways. When normal solutions failed, I still had a chance.

Final thoughts

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